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Fireside Rocking Chair Co. advertised in the newspaper




Fireside Rocking Chair Co. advertised in the newspaper a special sale price of $159 on machine-caned rocking chairs. In the advertisement was a drawing of a natural-wood rocking chair with a caned back and seat. The average person would not be able to tell from the drawing whether the rocking chair was machine caned or hand caned. Hand-caned rocking chairs sold for $259. Lowell and Celia Buyer went to Fireside because they had seen the ad, and they were interested in purchasing the rocking chair. They arrived on the morning the sale began. Fireside?s agent said the only machine-caned rocking chairs he had were painted lime green and were priced at $159. He immediately turned the Buyer?s attention to the hand-caned rocking chairs, praising their quality and pointing out that, for the extra $100, the hand-caned chairs were surely a good value. The Buyers, preferring the natural-wood machine-caned rocking chair for $159 as pictured in the advertisement, said they would like to order one. The Fireside agent said he could not order a natural-wood, machine-caned rocking chair. Discuss fully whether Fireside has violated any consumer protection laws, and if so, please cite to the specific law(s) violated.


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