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Consider ways in which reverse logistics has impacted your life




1) Consider ways in which reverse logistics has impacted your life as a consumer. How has reverse logistics affected your organization or industry? Briefly describe potential areas for improvement within your organization or industry. Identify a process within your organization that frequently lends itself to reverse logistics. Describe some of the opportunities and challenges you see regarding reverse logistics from the logistical standpoints of both manufacturers and retailers.;2) How can your organization use effective supply chain management to maintain a competitive edge and enhance its financial posture in the future and on a global scale? What might your organization do differently to increase its market share? What one key factor you would advise your management to concentrate its efforts on as part of your organization?s growth strategy? Briefly describe best practices that you see leading companies in your industry implementing now. Would these best practices also benefit your organization?;Each answer should be at least one page long and please provide sources for the answers for question 1 and 2.


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