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Biotech medicines---proteins made by modifying




Biotech medicines---proteins made by modifying the DNA of bacteria, yeast or mammal cells and infused into sick patients---are the fastest growing category of health spending. Sales reached $40 billion in 2006, when reports indicated there were more than 400 biotech products being synthesized to treat cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer?s, and a hundred other diseases. The manufacture of biotechs is more complex and costly than conventional medicine, and the cost to patients can run as high as $25,000-50,000 a year. Some members of Congress have introduced legislation that would give consumers access to lower-cost copies, one would authorize the FDA to approve safe, lower-cost versions of biotechnology drugs without the full range of tests normally required for new products.;? Explain who the stakeholders are who will be affected by such legislation.;? Create arguments for and against the legislation


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