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This category of behavior involves leader concern




This category of behavior involves leader concern for people and interpersonal relationships.;Answer;initiating structure;consideration;survey;supportive;2 points;Question 2;Which type of model is more useful when many leader behaviors stongly affect more than one objective?;Answer;three-factor model;three-dimensional model;multidimensional model;single-dimensional model;2 points;Question 3;What is not one of the key relations-oriented behaviors?;Answer;supporting;developing;recognizing;evaluating;2 points;Question 4;involves giving praise and showing appreciation to others for effective performance.;Answer;Recognizing;Developing;Supporting;Evaluating;2 points;Question 5;The best way to determine causality is to conduct an experiment in which leader behavior is manipulated by the researcher.;Answer True;False;2 points;Question 6;Field experiements are typically easier to conduct in real organizations.;Answer True;False;2 points;Question 7;Peer leadership is the most common method used to study the relationship between leadership behavior and various antecedents.;Answer True;False


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