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most assets are reported in the balance sheet at:




1. most assets are reported in the balance sheet at;A) what it would cost to replace the asset.;B) the amount that the asset is worth to the managers of the business.;C) the historical cost incurred to acquire the asset.;D) the amount that would be received upon the sale of the asset.;2. A company has favorable financial leverage when;A) it uses borrowed funds to earn a higher rate of return than the rate of interest paid for the borrowed money.;B) it issues debt rather than capital stock;C) earnings per share increase each year;D) bonds are issued at a discount because that reduces the amount of interest that needs to paid on the debt.;3. Book value of an asset is equal to;A) acquisition cost less accumulated depreciation;B) acquisition cost less the estimated salvage value;C) depreciable cost less accumulated depreciation;D) depreciable cost divided by the estimated useful life;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: Books I am using are Financial Management (Principles and Practice) 6E and Financial Accounting (A Business Perspective) 10


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