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I need some help on the cash-basis and accrual-bas...




I need some help on the cash-basis and accrual-basis income statement and the cash-basis balance sheet and accrual-basis balance sheet. I have attached what I'm supposed to do...please help,Thank you....,thank you very much...,I was reviewing the assignment and I believe questions 2 and 4 were mixed up...can u review the assignment for me....,I was reviewing the calculations and looks like the numbers were switched in Question 2 and Question 4. this is what your numbers were=(30*1500)+(4*3000)+(15*450) Question 2 numbers were (40*1500), (6*3000), and (25*450),I am just wondering if anymore clarification is needed...,Okay thank you...I received an email stating the question is done...if so nothing is attached..thank you


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