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Create a basic overview of the advantages of an e-CRM system




Create a basic overview of the advantages of an e-CRM system and why Our Town photography would benefit from such a system.;150 words or more no for mat needed.;Attachment Preview;hwfile.docx;Our Town Photography Studio/Gallery e-CRM Project;Scenario Summary;We made the right choice in choosing you to develop Our Town Photography Studio/Gallery;branding project. As you know, our company is a photography company with high profile;customers. Catherin Irvin, the owner of the company, is a nationally recognized;photography/portrait artist, who is excited to use the new branding campaign you developed.;The branding campaign you recently developed is so successful that we are hearing from more;customers than we could ever imagine. The growth is going so fast we are losing our personal;touch that our clients have always been used to receiving.;Mark Bucas, is the marketing manager for the Our Town Photography studio/gallery is thrilled;with the response but is concerned about the growth getting out of hand.;Catherin and Mark want to track each customer personally and utilizing the new technologies;available, create a system that will allow them to continue to grow and not lose the personal;attention that all the customers have enjoyed in the past.;Your Role/Assignment;Once again as the product manager, you have been asked to work with Mark as he determines;what systems he needs to deploy to manage and track customers.;You are ready to start, but you need to review some of the key conversations between you and;Mark as well as supplemental materials you will need for your proposal. Review them carefully;before completing your report.;Key Players;Max Baucus: Good morning. I just want to tell you how impressed Catherin and I were with your;branding proposal. Due to your hard work and research, we are realizing a strategic goal much;faster than anticipated.;Catherin Irvin: Yes, your branding project has been successful, we have already met our revenue;goals for next year. However, I have some concerns about how we will be able to manage the;growth our new e-commerce branding program has caused.;Max Baucus: Indeed, Catherin is pleased, but she and I have been trying to figure out how we;can manage all of these new clients without losing the personal touch we had in the past.;Catherin Irvin: We must find a system that can help manage this influx of new clients, continue;to improve the growth without resulting to hiring more staff.;Max Baucus: Our goal is two-fold, we need to track our clients purchases, while be able to;automatically offer similar products and services that compliment their purchase.;Additionally, we want a personalized approach, we dont want to lose track of these high-profile;customers. They need a high-touch approach and if we dont track who they are and what they;like, we will not be successful in the long term.;Catherin Irvin: Yes, the personalized approach is how I built this business in the first place. I;want to grow, but what system can we use to ensure that works with the Our Town philosophy.;I look forward to a proposal that will identify a solution to manager our customers. I think an eCRM program will help Mark and I manage the growth without the costs of hiring a new group;of staff.


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