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p13-23A preparing the statement of cash flows-indirect method ended decemeber 31, 2001 decemeber 31 2011 2010 Current assets: Cash and cash equilvalent $105,600 $26,000 Accounts recievable 64,200 69,300 Inventories 85,000 83,000 Current Liabilities Accounts payable $7,800 $6,000 Income tax payable 15,000 16,700 Transaction Data for 2011 Insurance of common stock $37,000 Depreciation expense 18,000 Purchase of equipment 71,000 Acquistion of land by issueing note payable 118,000 cost basis of building sold $6,000 Payment of note payable $45,100 Payment of cash dividends 51,000 Issuance of note payable to borrow cash 60,000 gain on sale of building 4, 500 net income 72,500 P 13A-15A prepare statement using direct method CASH beginning balance 87,300 issuance of common stock 60,700 receipts of interest revenue 17,100 collections from customers 308,600 ENDING BALANCE 95,800 payments of operating expenses 46,200 payments of salaries and wages 65,500 payments of note payable 82,000 payments of income tax 6,000 payments on accounts payable 101,100 payments of dividends 1,500 payments of interest 21,100 purchase of equipment 54,500 i have to prepare statement of cash flow using direct method I have attached the spreadsheets. thanks so much email,Thank you so very much you are truly a blessing to me right now, I am not doing great in accounting and i am hoping to pass with a D. and I am an A student for the past 4 years of college!,Thanks so much even if I get most of the points I will be grateful, In the back of our textbook, it gives one or two ansewers per assignment. On P 13A-15A they have net cash provided by operating activities $85,800 and investing activities $(54,500) and financing activities $(22,800) Why is the numbers in ( )? also these were not plugged in on my paper should I should do that? on P23-23A You said some information was missing, I wrote everything down from the book, the answer int he back of the book says noncash investing and financing activiites $118,000 and again thanks


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