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Recruiting, Hiring, Evaluating, and Compensating




Project Work: Recruiting, Hiring, Evaluating, and Compensating;Your role in creating these assignments is that of HR Manager.;Part 1: Job Analysis;Purpose: To create a new job description for a new position in the Human Resource Department. This will require;conducting a job analysis and writing a job description. The job will provide administrative support to a 10employee HR office. Incumbent will also act as department receptionist. Some duties include maintaining personnel;files, performing all administrative functions for the office personnel, assisting the public and employees with;personnel questions, following company policy when dispensing information, reviewing and processing forms for;personnel changes, monitoring staff time and payroll items, handling directors calendar, handling office mail, filing;typing as requested, answering phones, and other duties as assigned.;Category;Criteria;Complete the Task (attached). Be sure the task statements are;specific, time determined, and measurable. Be sure the task;Task;statements are single task items. You do not want multiple tasks;Statements;within one task statement because that will make it difficult to;identify the KSA and to measure later for performance evaluation.;Complete the KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) Statement template;KSA. You will take each Task Statement and identify the KSA needed for;Statements;each task. This helps determine the level and required job skills.;From the Task and KSA Statement templates, write a viable job;description with the following sections;Job Summary;Job;Description;Essential Job Functions;Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities;Education, Experience, Certifications, and Licenses;Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical;Requirements;Equipment and Tools Utilized;Literature;Review;Find three scholarly sources that validate your job analysis process.;Provide a summary of your articles in 23 pages following proper;writing style and formatting as described in Best Practices below. Be;sure to properly cite and reference your sources. There should be no;copied material in any section of this assignment;Paper;Mechanics;Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections.;Submit the following;1. Completed Task Statement Template;Deliverables;2.;3.;4.;5.;Completed KSA Statement Template;Job Description;Literature Review;Readability;Part #2: Recruiting/Selection;Purpose: Now that you have a job created, you need to find someone to fill that job. The purpose of this assignment;is to outline a recruitment plan to find a candidate to fill your new job opening. Once youve identified your;recruitment pool, you then need to determine how you will select the best candidate. Then, after your candidate has;been on the job for a year, she needs a performance evaluation.;Category;Criteria;Write a job ad for your job opening. Provide a recruitment plan that;Recruitment includes where you plan to recruit and why, how long you plan to;Plan;recruit and why. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for;this recruitment plan.;Describe the selection method(s) you would use to hire the best;Selection;candidate. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this;Method;selection method.;Performance;Evaluation;Literature;Review;Readability;Now youve hired a candidate, Cathy. She has been working for;you for a year now. Based on the information provided;(Performance Results Data document found in Doc Sharing), write;her performance evaluation. You must be sure to substantiate your;ratings and feedback.;Find one scholarly source each for recruitment, selection, and;performance evaluations that validate your process (three total;sources). Provide a summary of your sources in 2-3 page paper.;Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections.;Submit the following;1. Recruitment Plan;Deliverables;2.;3.;4.;5.;Selection Method Plan;Completed Performance Evaluation;Literature Review;Readability;Part 3: Compensation Decisions;The purpose of this assignment is to apply your critical thinking skills in completing the employee process from job;analysis to compensation based on performance. You are now going to make compensation decisions.;Category;Criteria;Share how you would compensate each of the employees with the;budget dollars provided (see Compensation Template, attached).;Compensation;You must provide substantiation for your salary decisions. Even;Decisions;with the decisions you make, what might be some consequences?;Input your decisions into the template. Include your risk analysis.;Then, write a 610 page paper providing an overall review of the;entire process created from job analysis to compensation. Would;you change anything in your process at this point? Why? Why not?;Include four scholarly resources related to compensation: 2 articles;Literature;focused on general compensation, 2 articles on making;Review;compensation decisions. Do not use any verbiage/portion of your;previously submitted Literature Review for Written Assignments 1;or 2. This Literature Review should be original to this final project;assignment.;Readability;Deliverables;Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections.;Submit the following;1. Compensation Decisions with substantiation and risk;analysis;2. Literature Review;3. Readability


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