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In the case of Panavision Int?l v. Toeppen, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals




1. In the case of Panavision Int?l v. Toeppen, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court?s decision. This means that the Ninth Circuit approved the district court?s decision and upheld the outcome in the case.;a. True;b. False;2. Tony fell and injured himself in a Mega Toy Store. Mega Toy Store is incorporated in Delaware. Tony is a resident of Nevada but was injured in a Mega Toy Store located in Arizona. Mega Toy does not do business in Nevada. Tony?s damages exceed $100,000. If Tony decides to sue Mega Toy Store;a. He may file the lawsuit in an Arizona state court;b. He may file the lawsuit in a federal district court in Arizona;c. He must file the lawsuit in a federal district court because the federal courts would have diversity jurisdiction in this case;d. Either he may file the lawsuit in an Arizona state court or he may file the lawsuit in a federal district court in Arizona;3. Holt and Collins decide to have their dispute arbitrated by Corrales. Which of the following will NOT be a result of the arbitration?;a. Corrales need not give reasons for the decision;b. Holt and Collins give up the right to discovery;c. Corrales will render a binding decision;d. Holt and Collins retain the right to a class action;4. The United States has taken a position that legal issues are best resolved by lawsuits involving parties with conflicting interests presenting their strongest possible case to a neutral factfinder. Because of this, the legal system in the United States is considered;a. A conflict system;b. An alternative dispute resolution system;c. An adversary system;d. A mediation system;5. Zeno, Inc. is considering relocating its manufacturing facility from Illinois to Mexico City. The stakeholders in this decision might include;a. The Illinois community in which Zeno operates;b. Customers;c. Zeno?s shareholders;d. All of these choices;6. A case citation that reads: State of South Dakota v. Morse, 753 N.W.2d 915 (2008) indicates that the case may be found in the 753rd volume of the second set of the North Western Reporter at page 915.;a. True;b. False;7. The first stepping stone out of dire poverty is;a. Wage and price controls;b. Administrative regulation of the workplace;c. Industrialization;d. Legislation requiring safe, clean working conditions;8. Randi, a resident of Oregon, was involved in an auto accident while in Idaho. The other party lives in Wyoming. Randi wishes to recover the $28,000 cost of repairing her car. The most appropriate court in which she could file her lawsuit is a;a. Federal court in Idaho;b. Federal court in Wyoming;c. Federal court in Oregon;d. State court n Idaho;9. Tony raped Jane in the parking lot of Joe?s Brew Pub. The District Attorney?s office prosecuted Tony on rape charges. Subsequently, Jane filed a lawsuit against Tony for money damages. Classify each legal action.;a. The District Attorney?s case was a criminal case, Jane?s lawsuit was a civil case;b. Both cases are civil;c. Both cases are criminal;d. The District Attorney?s case was a civil case, Jane?s lawsuit was a criminal case;10. Disputants Martin and Daulton have hired Thurman to mediate their disagreement. Martin and Daulton will not necessarily come away from the mediation with their dispute resolved, even if the mediation was ordered by the court.;a. True;b. False;11. The doctrine of stare decisis;a. Is an equitable remedy;b. Makes the legal process more expensive;c. Is unimportant to the common law;d. Makes the law more predictable


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