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Hospitality Marketing assignment. Explain the nature of intermediaries in the Hospitality industry. One page;Attachment Preview;Deliverable lengt1.docx;Deliverable length: 2 pages (1 page for individual portion, 1 page for group portion);Course Objective(s): Explain the nature of intermediaries in the Hospitality industry.;Assignment;Your group has just started a tour group company headquartered in Sedona, AZ. Your business;plan calls for you to offer tours near World Heritage Sites. Your knowledge of local marketing;channels in the areas nearest to each of the World Heritage Sites is limited. To market your tour;company to your target audience, you need to choose a marketing channel that will provide you;with potential customers for your tours.;Individual Portion;Research The World Heritage Sites of the world and their locations. Look for local marketing;channels that make sense to support your tour group operators. Explain which marketing channel;you have chosen to support the tours and why you selected this channel.


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