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Juices Are Us employs about 180 staff across its Australian




Juices Are Us employs about 180 staff across its Australian and New Zealand offices. It;produces a number of beverages, from fruit juices to energy and soft drinks. The company;has a strong values-based culture, and leadership plays a key role in supporting the culture.;The founder of Juices Are Us, Maria, saw an opportunity to develop nutritious beverages;and promote health to a younger market. The culture of the company is focused on health and;vitality for young people. Nutritious can be delicious is Marias personal motto, and she;would like to see this more strongly integrated into the strategy of the company.;Over the last two years, Maria has been actively searching for individuals to fill key;managerial leadership positions in the company, in particular in marketing and strategy.;Maria prefers to appoint from within. She has promoted quite a few people internally as she;believes it is important to show staff she is investing in their skills and competencies. So;with forecasted company growth, Maria has decided to initiate a leadership development;program to develop the management team. She is unsure about who should design, deliver;and evaluate the program at this stage.;For the leadership development program, Maria intends to divide the staff into three leader;groups according to their employment level. Junior managers are to be called pilots, midlevel managers the navigators, and senior managers the strategists.;One of the main outcomes of the leadership program will be to track each individuals;personal development using a 360 degree assessment and emotional intelligence measures.;All this is to ensure that each individual understands what areas they may need to work on;and how to leverage their strengths.;However, Maria is not completely sure if the leadership development program will be enough;to develop the leadership capabilities to take Juices Are Us forward. In addition and more;broadly, Maria is considering setting up a small HRD unit within the company. She is;thinking that she could employ two HRD specialists who could firstly give her meaningful;feedback on her ideas for the leadership development program and secondly, work with her;as a team, to guide the company into the future in terms of her envisaged growth of Juices;Are Us beyond Australia and New Zealand, into the Asian region and potentially into Europe.;1- What you think of this approach to leadership development within Juices Ar Us? Would;you consider any other approaches and why?;2- Explain Kirkpatrick's model of evaluation and discuss how it could be used in the Juices;Are Us case?;Note;- Each answer is around 400 words;- Use at least 3 main points for each answer;- Textbook if needed: Human Resource Development: Theory and Practice by Jeff;Gold et al.


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