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Analysis should address the following:




Analysis should address the following;? Conduct research and provide an analysis of BP?s strategy before the accident occurred using appropriate strategic frameworks (which you have learned throughout this module);? Discuss implications of BP?s strategy in terms of public perception and its possible impact on business performance;? Critically discuss BP?s ability to strike a balance between its interests and wider needs and expectations in light of the strategic frameworks and models you have encountered;Submit approximately 2,000 words in which you;? Identify the key issues in the situation;? Research related literature on strategy, e.g. positioning, resource-based view, dynamic capabilities.;? What was BP?s strategy prior to the accident? How can their actions be understood in light of the strategic frameworks you have encountered?;Summarise and demonstrate understanding of related literature.;Submission be sure to cite and reference examples from the module textbook and journal articles presented in this module as well as resources you identify from your own research. Your submissions should demonstrate critical analysis of the topic and a coherent application of related theories.


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