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In your last managers meeting, the director of sales




In your last managers meeting, the director of sales asked you to create a promotional plan for;the hotel's new "staycation" package. The promotion will need to be in all the local media;including television, radio, newspaper, and the Internet. The promotion needs to include the;staycation" rate of $99 per night and access to the World-Famous Water Park, which you have;on property. The promotion will run for 1 week and will include a single message that can be;delivered consistently in each of the local media outlets.;You have been asked to discuss the following with the director;What will your promotional plan include? How will you present your promotional plan to;the director of sales?;What is the single message you will create for the promotion, and how will it be;presented on television, on the radio, in newspapers, and on the Internet?;How will you be able to review the effectiveness of the promotion after 1 week?;Part 2;Two Peer Responses: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with a response of at least;250 words about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and;enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions;What questions do you have after reading your classmates posting?;What clarification do you need after reading your classmates posting?;How can you relate this topic to your life or career?;This is my classmates post that I must respond to;Promoting vacations can be easy or difficult depending on the item/s that is available. In this case;it sounds like a pretty fun and exciting time for the entire family. So promoting to the average;family would be my main focus. Adults, especially ones with kids, tend to watch the news;religiously. So starting with the local news stations would be a great start. It can be an;overwhelming task to get news stations to cover your promotional unless you have a hefty;amount of money to throw down. In this case, since everyone loves the word free, a simple;bribe if you will to the local news stations producers offering them a free vacation for their;family in exchange for a few minutes of airtime may not be a bad start. Local ads in the;newspapers can run you very minimal to a few hundred dollars, also money well spent.;Billboards have been around for decades and now with the digital age running a digital ad for a;couple weeks wont cost you as much as having the actual billboard banners printed. Radio;stations like free stuff too and you may be able to get some airtime by offering the radio stations;to offer your staycation as a giveaway prize which wouldnt cost the station anything but;airtime and they get to give their listeners something for listening. Internet ads can be expensive;if your looking in the wrong direction. Google ads tend to be the best bet and the best money;spent with millions of searches daily.;Presentations to anyone are usually simplified using Powerpoint Presentations. They get the;message across by voice and visually and give a professional look too. The saying goes for;almost everything keep it simple. A simple slogan as Bring the family down for a weeklong;staycation and enjoy our World famous Waterpark for only 99$ a night. Or Waterparks, hotel;and fun for the whole family for 99$ a night.;Site trackers for websites or a customer service crew who ask all the right questions are the best;tools. Questions that include how did you hear about us? Thats the one question you need to;know when it comes to knowing how your advertising money is spent.


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