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closing summary for the enclosed marketing assignment




closing summary for the enclosed marketing assignment, it needs to be at least 200 words.;Attachment Preview;forum.docx;Sales promotion techniques refer to those techniques or methods used by marketers to try;and increase the sales of their goods and services as well as attract new customers and help;reinforce the brand and image in the minds of their existing customers. These may be in the form;of advertisements or offers that help establish and position a product or service among the;targeted customers. The single message would focus on "staycation" rate of $99 per night and;access to the World-Famous Water Park, which is there on the property. This message is the main;focus of the complete promotional campaign.;The promotional plan should include the message and also contain details about the;location, the reputation of the hotel along with the package and offer. This plan should be;presented in the final advertisement form to the managers.;It is to be presented in different media such as magazine, newspaper, television;advertisements, and web-based promotional programs. These types of adst can be tracked;through the use of different phone numbers specific to that advertisement. When those calls;come in, the call-center staff records the information so the results can be counted. Another less;exact method is to track immediate sales during the time of the advertisement. The issue with;above is the fact that increase in sales might have taken place as well due to numerous other;factor which would not be accounted for there. Hence the more suitable but time and resource;consuming way to determine the effectiveness is to ask feedback from consumers about the;source from which they learned about the offer then calculate the net increase in sales on account;of promotion (Burn, 2004).;References;How to Measure a Promotion's effectiveness in MarketPlace. (2004, November 30).;Retrieved June 14, 2011, from;


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