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information the readers need in a language they understand




1. A research report is NOT ___________. (Points: 1);clear if it provides all the information the readers need in a language they understand;incomplete only when it is too brief;determined by the reader's interest and abilities;capable of generating inaccuracies due to inept phrasing, illogical reasoning, and mishandling of the data;hard to tailor to a group of executives;2. Accuracy in a report refers to __________. (Points: 1);mathematical accuracy;grammatical accuracy;correct terminology;All of the above;3. Which of the following is FALSE about oral reports? (Points: 1);It is generally better to give too much technical detail rather than too little when presenting an oral report.;One popular style of oral reports is to begin with the conclusions of the report and then discuss the evidence in support of these conclusions.;Only 15 to 20 minutes need to be left to answer questions for any oral report.;Graphic presentation of material is the best policy for oral reports.;They are all false.


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