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1;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;2;Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper;Technology in itself is an unending phenomenon. The technological modification in;computing, networking, and telecommunication drastically have changed organizational;communication, way of operations, and business environment in comparison to traditional;ways. Technological advancements completely have revolutionized the things. On the other;hand, the introductions of these developments have increased moral consequence concerning;their use in organization communication and environment. In addition, tainted technology to;fulfill unethical ends as most of the data or information is in electronic form and can be;easily accessible. However, technology not emotionally involved to natural moral concerns;and gains only when used by corporations, groups, and individuals for their concerns own;purpose and tends to customize it. However, it is instrumental that technology is represents;in a method that its inventors never thought of. Nevertheless, it could be productive, misused;illegally accessed, pass on to other.;Computers and computer network has served organizations significantly;acknowledging a massive gains in competence and usefulness resulting in current situation;such as empowerment, outsourcing, cost cutting, time-saving more rapidly turn around in;activities and streamlining work forces. In fact, the technology helped in bringing the;essential adjustment in the ways the organizations were operating and how they could;function. Nevertheless, the extensive use of technology has also raised roots for worry as;technology tainted to fulfill unethical ends as most of the data or information is in electronic;form and easily accessed or located. In addition, reviewing issues pertaining to copyright;patents are receiving intense attention just to keep ones creativity and innovation alive.;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;3;Technology offers a wide range of new styles of communication that let corporations and;individuals to distribute information in a methods that years ago would not been possible.;Maximum technologies designed that exist today to accelerate the way organizations;manage, hoard, scrutinize, and commune information. Computer devices used consistently;to secure transaction, and processing information. Devices such as credit card readers;optical readers, scanners, telephone keypads, and computers terminals, gather enormous;amounts of information on daily basis. Maximum data kept as electronic form are dealt with;and developed further as they are their use or required by the end users. This activity in turn;provides inputs for various decision-making processes. In addition, predicting and;strategically planning activities dispersed to the entire organization. However, through;different methods of communication like e-mail (most preferred one), video conferencing;and new multimedia methods that blends text, audio and video data or information in the;single presentation.;In addition, these technological advancement organizations can secure the;confidential data more efficiently. Today most of the transactions made in electronic form;like online banking, travel, trading, retailing, and other utility services like payment of bills;online recharge. That makes million and billion of transactions with enormous data.;Organizations though act more ethically with the help of technological advancements making;the environment more secure and vibrant too.;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;4;However, there been no changes the communication in businesses more noticeably than;advancement in technology. However, with the help of new technology it has proved;organizations with the tools to rid of the limitations previously put in force by the diversitys;affecting the moment and situation. Computers and networking allows corporations to hold;interpret, and distribute data from place in the world 24/7 through eliminating the differences;created by the time zone, locations. For example, Wal-Mart and Kmart are using;teleconferencing to allow headquarters based merchandisers to inform store administrator in the;field with supervision and information asking them to merge local initiatives with corporate;advice. These new capability have bought considerable differences in organizational;processes, decision-making, and organizational structures. In addition, with the support of;information technology, corporations have become more inclined, more receptive to;competitive pressures. Technological advancements have created the level playing fields;through eliminating the political, geographical barriers.;Using technology to perform human resources functions could affect the company;culture significantly in both ways, it could make it more conducive as well as hamper the same.;Efficient use of technology with human resources functions could significantly create value;addition. In addition, value could be in terms of cost, process efficiency, making data more;productive. Technology helped in every segment and sector whether its finance, marketing;operations. In addition, human resources also remains affected and reaped significantly out of;it. In todays scenario the turnaround time in human resources functions have reduced;drastically because of technological advancements. Nevertheless, every object carries certain;pros and cons, same case with technology too, explained below;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;5;Certain merits like;Dissemination of information became easier internally and externally both.;It helps in handling the compliance issues with the help of close supervision.;Organizational clarity- spreading out companys culture.;Performance appraisal became more users friendly.;Relationship of management style to culture thus synchronized with technology.;Human resources development like training sessions, feedbacks, grievances;handling become more easily and at the same making it viable or productive as the;organizations requirement.;Compensation discussions and decisions became easier with the help of;technological advancements. Performance measures and there evaluation become more easy;and transparent.;Significant reduction of cost with the implementation of technical advancements.;For example, communication becomes easier, reduce unnecessary traveling through video;conferencing, and further more.;Organizational vivacity measured by the confidence of its goals and its adaptation;to changing conditions. This requires that employees to make errors. However, in;developing a system with the help of technology that encourages employees to take risks for;the welfare of the organization without the fear of negative outcomes and find ways of;helping them and let the employees learn from their mistakes.;Business environment made more secured, conducive, and vibrant.;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;New ways to keep the resources motivating with the help of technology.;6;With the help of information technology and technical advancements;organizations may become more receptive to competitive pressures and can handle the same.;Certain demerits like;Monitoring becomes easier with the help of technology like empty time by;employees, sites they are surfing, there online activities, which could hamper employees;performance, as he or she believes that he or she are under, close supervision.;Misuse of technology like illegal or unethical access to confidential information;Manipulation of available information.;However, the extensive use of technology has also provides roots for worry as;or data.;tainted technology to fulfill unethical ends.;ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHHIES AND TECHNOLOGY PAPER;7;References;Ethical Implications of Technological Advances on Business Communication;Journal article by Richard T. Herschel, Patricia Hayes Andrews, The Journal of Business;Communication, Vol. 34, 1997 Retrieve September 22, 2010;;t=/Default/gateway&i=1116423256281&b=1116423256281&application=story&active=no;ParentID=1119278069586&StoryID=1119642724250&xref=http;//;%3AIE- SearchBox&rlz%3D1I7SKPB_en&q;%3Dhow+using+technology+to+perform+human+resources+functions+affects+company+c;ulture%3F&aq%3Df&aqi%3D&aql%3D&oq%3D&gs_rfai%3D Retrieve;September 22, 2010;Going through books & articles. Retrieve September 22, 2010


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