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Globalization affects national sovereignty of both developing




1. Globalization affects national sovereignty of both developing countries as well as developed countries. By sovereignty, we mean the independence of countries to make decisions and conduct policy in different areas like the economy, corporate and industry related legislation, environmental regulations, politics, etc. From the video, please provide some examples of how globalization infringes on the national sovereignty of, a) a developing country, and, b) a developed country? How, and through which agency/organization/rule, did each of the above infringements occur?;2. Another effect of globalization is the effect it has on diluting national cultures. Please provide two examples from the video of how globalization affected the culture of a country (can be more than one country)? Were the effects in your opinion, good or bad?;The debate on globalization also covers Corporate Accountability of Multinational Companies (MNCs). Governments sometimes have few ways of monitoring these MNCs and holding them accountable. Identify 3 points made in the video regarding the Corporate Accountability (or the lack thereof), demonstrated by MNCs in their international dealings with host countries?


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