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The Microsoft Excel worksheet lists the daily shipping requirements




The Microsoft Excel worksheet lists the daily shipping requirements between your publisher client and his customer warehouses. Complete the decision matrix by filling in shipping costs from three shippers: Federal Express?, UPS?, and the United States Postal Service? Which service would you recommend to your client considering not only costs but also issues such as delivery speed, pick-up schedules, drop-off locations, package-tracking ability, and usability of the Web site? State the reasons for your recommendation.;Submit your response in the MS Excel document;Attachment Preview;Copy of SU_MIS3101_Publisher.xls;Problem Formulation;Publisher Shipping Decision Problem Formulation;Your Publisher Clients' production facilities are located in;P Albany;Zip Code;The production facility operates 250 days per year.;12250;His Customers' warehouses are located in;1 Rye;2 Irving;3 Charlotte;4 Sioux Falls;5 Tustin;New York;Texas;Nprth Carolina;South Dakota;California;Zip Code;Zip Code;Zip Code;Zip Code;Zip Code;10580;75015;28201;57117;92780;The books are usually shipped in one of two sized packages;A;B;Height 9 inches;Height 10 inches;Length 13 inches;Length 6 inches;Width 17 inches;Width 12 inches;Weight 45 pounds;Weight 16 pounds;Your Publisher ships 4 of the A packages and 8 of the B packages to each of the 5 warehouses daily;Your task is to select the best shipper for the publisher.;Assignment 4 - Week 1;Page 1;08/04/2012;Analysis of Shipping Costs;Daily Shipping Weights (lbs.);To;75015;28201;57117;92780;2;3;4;5;308;P;12250;10580;1;From;308;308;308;308;Daily Shipping Cost using FedEx;To;10580;75015;28201;57117;92780;1;From;2;3;4;5;P;12250;Daily Shipping Cost using UPS;To;75015;28201;57117;92780;1;From;10580;2;3;4;5;P;12250;Daily Shipping Cost using USPS;To;75015;28201;57117;92780;1;From;12250;10580;2;3;4;5;P;Assignment 4 - Week 1;Page 2;08/04/2012;Combination of Vendors;Daily Shipping Cost using a combination of 2 or more services for lowest cost;To;From;LOWEST COST SHIPPING SERVICE (from above);FedEx;UPS;USPS;FedEx;UPS {insert the lowest cost vendor for each route};10580;75015;28201;57117;92780;1;2;3;4;5;P;12250;Cost Conclusions;Assignment 4 - Week 1;Page 3;08/04/2012;Final Recommendation;DECISION CRITERIA;FedEx;UPS;USPS;COSTS;DELIVERY SPEED;PICKUP SCHEDULES;DROP-OFF LOCATIONS;PACKAGE-TRACKING ABILITY;WEB SITE USABILITY;Reason for your recommendation;Assignment 4 - Week 1;Page 4;08/04/2012


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