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clients know what is expected with respect to ethical behavior




so that clients know what is expected with respect to ethical behavior;Thanks Mohit. Along these lines (what is expected, e.g.), another important issue you may encounter in working with community mental health is consumer benefits. The rules for getting help (financial and medical) are very strict. Most people you see will need it, the question is will they meet the rules requirements?;Some clinicians lean toward helping the client get benefits, even if it means slightly exaggerating the clients symptoms (or assuming the client is trying to look better than they really are). Other clinicians feel a duty to protect the government's money (i.e. taxpayers), and will go out of their way to be more strict and assume the client is already exaggerating their symptoms.;These issues come up when you are asked to assess and help a client complete the benefits process. Where do you think your biases might be?


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