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construct a two-level objective hierarchy




Use the criteria below to construct a two-level objective hierarchy (major criteria with one set of subcriteria under each) to help evaluate political candidates. Consider as alternatives the major candidates running in the last U.S. presidential election, and use the AHP to make your choice.;Criteria for choosing a national political candidate;? Charisma: Personal leadership qualities inspiring enthusiasm and support;? Glamour: Charm, allure, personal attractiveness, associations with other attractive people;? Experience: Past office holding relevant to the position sought, preparation for the position;? Economic Policy: Coherence and clarity of a national economic policy;? Ability to manage international relations: Coherence and clarity of foreign policy plus ability to deal with foreign leaders;? Personal integrity: Quality of moral standards, trustworthiness;? Past performance: Quality of role fulfillment-independent of what the role was- in previous public offices, public record;? Honesty: Lawfulness in public life, law-abidingness


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