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Strategic Audit of Motorola INC.




Strategic Audit of Motorola INC.;VI. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy;A. Strategic Alternatives;1. Motorola can use many of the strategies that they currently have in place to in;order to reduce the number of phones provided to consumers.;2. A few alternative strategies for Motorola are that they can reduce the number of;different phones provided to the consumers in order to concentrate on the most;popular brands. Another alternative is that Motorola could spend a mass amount;of more trying to promote and innovate each of their 34 different mobile phones.;Motorola needs to spend more time an effort with innovating new applications for;the most desired phones that they provide. (DRIOD #3) These changes should not;cost the company any more money than they already spend for the overall mobile;industry. They should reallocate the funds in ways to promote better branding for;the top ten products and provide consumers more applications for these particular;phones. Motorola needs to continue to market to the same individuals that they;target but they need to add new and refreshing niches to the brand.;B. Recommended Strategy;1. The strategic alternative that I recommend for Motorola is to reduce the number;of phones that they offer to the consumers to a total of only 10. They will need to;reallocate the fund spent on the other 24 phones to the 10 remaining phones in;order to provide new innovating applications. This change would be very easy for;the company to implement. The company would have to restructure the marketing;and redirect the research and development department in order to effectively;achieve success.;2. This recommendation will allow Motorola to focus on a few products and will;allow them more funds to allocate for innovation for these products. Motorola;will be able to compete with the major competitor Nokia when this;recommendation takes effect.;3. This recommendation should have minimum impact of Motorolas core;competencies.;VII. Implementation;A. Programs;1. Motorola should implement a new marketing program to build on their current;brand niche. Hello Moto is a very familiar term to many and this logo needs to be;redefined.;2. Marketing VP and marketing manager should implement these new programs;with the help from all marketing personal.;B. Programs Finances;1. These programs would be very affordable since the finances from the phones that;were cut are now available. Timetables are needed in order to promote a quick;and speedy redevelop of the top ten phones.;C. SOP;1. SOPs will need to develop to provide the company a guideline for they need to;allocate time, effort, and funds for this new program. They will also direct the;company in ways to continue innovating and developing new applications and;products for top 10 mobile phones.;VIII. Evaluation and Control;A. Current Information System;1.;2.;B. Adequate control measures;1.;2.


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