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The research report is the end product of the research process.




4. Which of the following is FALSE? (Points: 1);The research report is the end product of the research process.;The fundamental criterion by which research reports are evaluated is communication with the reader.;The report reader is the only reason to prepare a research report.;The intended use of the research report does not affect the content of the report.;The research report criteria of completeness, accuracy, clarity, and conciseness are related.;5. A written report may be considered incomplete because it _________. (Points: 1);is too brief;includes interesting but not vital information;is too long;includes statistical calculations unfamiliar to the reader;All of the above are sources of report incompleteness.;6. The researcher told his client that the data indicated a relationship between the weight of dogs and consumption of local dog biscuits. The researcher's remarks were _________. (Points: 1);a recommendation;a conclusion;a hypothesis;a research proposal;None of the above


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