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When preparing an oral presentation




7. When preparing an oral presentation, the first task of the presenter should be to _________. (Points: 1);determine who will be in the audience;develop graphical presentation aids;decide on the organization of the presentation;test the sound system where the presentation will take place;write the verbal portion of the presentation;8. Which of the following is typically NOT included in the introduction to a research report? (Points: 1);Definitions of unfamiliar terms or terms with a specific usage in the report;Background history to the research and the report;Specific objectives of the research;Hypotheses guiding the study;Description of the sampling frame and sampling plan;9. Which of the following details about the sampling plan could the researcher reasonably exclude from the body of the report? (Points: 1);How the population was defined and limited;How the list of sampling units was generated;What bias may have been introduced by overcoming difficulties in contacting designated sample elements;Why the size of sample was chosen;Calculations used to determine the sample size


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