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? What have you learned from others' responses?;? What example best relates to your life/career and why?;Attachment Preview;Hospitality Leadership Systems Week 2 Forum.docx;Hospitality Leadership Systems Week 2 Forum;The summary should be posted after the Responses to Other Students (Part 2).;Write at least 200 words that summarize the Primary Task Responses and Responses to Other;Students posted by you and your classmates. Consider the following questions in your summary;of the discussion;What have you learned from others' responses?;What example best relates to your life/career and why?;Marilyn;In the hospitality industry, a leader who is a good team player is able to achieve success and;motivate his team to achieve deadlines which are required by the staff members on a daily basis.;Briefing the staff with a daily pre-shift meeting helps build service consistencies, teamwork, and;motivate team members. Pre-shifts letting your staff know updated information about the dining;room, reception area and kitchen is time well spent.;It is the psychology of everybody that they want recognition of the work they do. In the same;way, all the employees of an organization also need recognition of the work they do for their;organization. So it is necessary to praise the efforts of the employees. The performance should be;monitored and then their good work should be acknowledged immediately (Managerial;Leadership, 2011). It is very essential to recognize their good work in public so that they feel;proud of themselves. Some notes of appreciation can be written. Bonuses can also be given.;Most importantly, a recognition program should be introduced such as employee of the month.;It is natural that all the employees want to perform a great job. So it is necessary that all the;employees are placed to positions that are suitable for their talents and thus the chances of failure;will be reduced (Cutler, 2011). Each position has its own set of achievable goals and standards so;all the employees should be familiar with them. It is also necessary to give regular and timely;feedbacks on the performance of all the employees so that employees can feel that they are;challenged but not overloaded.;It is very important to ensure all the employees that they and their work are very important for;the organization. Unnecessary tasks should be eliminated to ensure an increase in satisfaction;and efficiency.;Also by setting an example for others the team leader provides drive to the members to work;efficiently and effectively and also builds strong interpersonal relationship with team members;by taking certain amount of work and sharing responsibilities.;Jamie;Everybody has a different set of values that they stick to no matter what. I can think of five that I;consciously or subconsciously live by daily. Honesty with anyone and everyone is important.;Nobody likes to be lied to, so I would never lie to an employee. Every single employee is;important to the company, so there is no reason to lie to them about anything if they ask me a;question. Confidence in your knowledge, your work and yourself as a manager is very important.;If you want your employees to be comfortable and confident in you, then you need to be as well.;If you come off unsure or hesitant then an employee is not going to trust you fully in your;decisions. Being diligent as a manager is just a given. You much have the drive to complete a;task no matter what. This helps first and foremost because you are setting an example for your;employees to follow. If you want them to see a task through, but you cant then you are being;hypocritical. Employees want to take direction from someone who is already doing what is being;asked of them to do. A helpful person is always appreciated. It isnt every day that someone is;going to need help, but if you are willing to offer it when needed, it really show how much you;care and how much teamwork means to you. Being a manager is all about setting an example. If;you expect things out of your employees that you cannot even do or dont want to do, then dont;expect them to do it whole heartedly. In order for all of these other values to fall into place, you;as a manager need to be organized! Nothing can be accomplished without some level of;organization. Organization has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves when I am trying to get;something done. Knowing where everything is at all times, or at least its general area is;important to keep everything running smoothly.;Jocelyn;I only have four values that I try to stand by rather it be at home or on the job. The first one being;Honesty, this to me is right in line with something that you should learn when you are being;raised, but then I stop and think about and not everyone has the same value system, that I was;raised with. Honesty to me is something that you should have at work and even at home, this;gives people ease about you and your character. As GM honesty is a quality that I was looking;for, someone that is not afraid to step up when someone is not doing the right thing.;Loyalty is what I call an Ultimate value to me. Loyalty is when someone can stick around;through the good, bad, and ugly. It is something that me as an small business owner that rings;true when they come to me as potential employee and they have been at previous employer for;multiple years, that shows me loyalty. Being the GM I would love nothing more than to have the;same staff around.;Community Service is important to make sure that you give back, because someone is always;less fortune than you. Also it makes you feel good, well at least for me. A short story on the value;of community service didnt come to me until later on in life. I was diagnosis with cervical;cancer, I didnt like the feeling of being alone and also at that time there was not enough;information out about this type of cancer. While I was take chemo, I made it a point to do;community service once a week to another cancer center and just do whatever they needed me to;do.;The last value is Growth, I believe that you can never get enough of. I can think of every stage in;my life that I have had growth. Growth just happens to be one of those values that you never out;grow. Even in your personal and professional life you are constantly learning something from;someone.;George;As defined by the, values are Important and enduring beliefs or ideals;shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not. Values exert;major influence on the behavior of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.;My first most important value is respect. Respect is important because that means that there is;esteem for the person, which I believe leads to enhanced care-taking by the individual who has;respect for the internal and external guest. I believe that for a leader, respect is perhaps one of the;most important values to practice. When the followers respect the beliefs and leader, they are;inclined to serve and willing to support the will and vision of the person in-charge, a willingness;to cooperate. I always tell the employees that we are to respect the property, their co-walkers;and the customers.;Honesty is also high the list of values because honesty is the only policy. We have to be honest;about what we say and do as restaurateurs because the customers trust that we are taking care of;their best interests. When we say that we are serving a 12oz. steak, the customer trusts that the;weight is purchased is accurate. We have to be honest to our co-workers because we need to trust;the people that we work with in order to achieve the mission of the company.;For the third on the list, I value communication. I believe that communication is very important;to the success of an establishment because we must communicate our desires to our colleagues;and listen to what the customers and staff are saying to me. We must communicate directions and;communicate knowledge that is required in the field that we work and eventually be required to;lead.;After, I believe that integrity is quite important as well. Integrity serves as an individual guiding;light that serves as a regulator for all of our morals that we hold as individuals and professionals.;Integrity is the variable ingredient to strong morals, values, and work ethic. Integrity is an;important ingredient when we are learning and teaching any kind of skill or trade. We must have;integrity when we are serving the public in order to maintain high standards that the public has;come to expect.;Kenneth;When you are working, you need to have a mindset and a set of values that you hold most dear;when do your work to be successful in the workplace. If you go into the workplace with the;mindset that you are going to do a good job, then you are likely to succeed. If you have the;mindset that you are going to have a bad day or nothing will go right, then you will most likely;fail. There are several values that one should have when in the workplace. These include;1. Punctuality-- Being late for work not only causes problems for you but it also causes the rest;of the team to have to pick up the slack for you until you get there, possibly causing them not to;get their work done on time.;2. Dependability- Your boss must be able to depend on you to do your work in a timely manner.;3. Hard-working- If you are slacking off on the job or going too slowly, it puts a strain on the rest;of the team because then it puts them behind in doing their work if they are waiting for you to get;yours done.;4. Cool head with customers- Able to be friendly, courteous and willing to handle any situation;that the customer will throw at you. There are going to be stressful times, and you must be able;to keep a level head when dealing with customers and not lose your cool.;5. Going over and beyond- You must show that you are willing to do whatever the boss wants;you to do even if its beyond what your normal job duties entail. This shows the boss that they;can depend on you for other duties and may mean an advancement to a better position.;6. Time-management- Not coming in late off of breaks and/or lunch. You must come back on;time from your breaks in order to be able to manage your time correctly and get the job done on;time. It also puts a strain on the rest of the team if you are not there to continue your work when;you are scheduled to be.;7. Willingness to work off-ours- This means that you show the boss that they can depend on you;to work if someone is sick or let go. Being able to be there for the boss when you are not;scheduled to be there can mean better or longer hours.;8. Owning your work- Being held accountable for your work and having pride in your work.;This should be a value to anyone in any situation should have.;John;To begin, in order to be a leader you must have three things, perception, self-esteem, and values.;Perception is the thoughts of how you feel about yourself, of others, and others of you.;Perception of yourself pertains to your goals and aspirations and the person that you believe;yourself to be. The perception of others and who they see you to be as a leader and the values;you hold true in their eyes that make you the leader that they will follow. And the perception of;how you perceive others, which must be observed carefully as you may offend someone you;have perceived as different then they really are, and cast your perception wrongly upon them.;Self-esteem is the result of how you feel about yourself and also includes self-perception, but its;the strength that you have a direct result of the experience you have, how you feel about your;position in the world and life, and how happy you are within yourself as result of your;environment, relationships, health, intelligence, and past success and future successes. The;values I hold sincere are;Respect-respect for others, there place in the organization and the job they do, the respect for the;hard work and the results of that hard work. In turn that allows me to gain respect of the;individuals with which I employ and the feeling of mutual respect for one another.;Commitment-the commitment for the employees to the company and to their respective jobs and;the work they do, and the ongoing positive attitude they hold as a direct means of being and;remaining committed to our company. In turn this allows me to continue being committed to the;staff for their outstanding work in all areas and to continue to promote our company within the;industry.;Honesty-everyone is honest with each other and honest when referring to their business within;the company and when relating and communicating with supervisors and upper management as;well as myself.;Trust-we can all trust one another as direst results of being able to rely on the top performance;that we all push to retain and can easily rely and fallback on one another and know that the;process of operation is continuously covered in all our affairs. I can trust each one of the staff in;any situation and know that my trust is warranted.;Ambition-we will all keep a positive and ambitious, energetic attitude to all our guests and one;another and stride for perfection within our separate departments and among our families and;friends.;Vision-within all of us we feel the need to stride for our visions as one of the best hotels in the;industry and will continue to provide the ultimate service needed to keep our reputation strong;amongst our guest and the other businesses in the area.;These are the values that I will govern each one of you with that I hope will reidify your;dependence in me as your leader and show you that I truly have your best interests in mind as we;continue to work together for the overall success of our boutique hotel and its ever strong image;in the hospitality world.;John Richardson;General Manager;Garet;Core Values in the Workplace;Attendees: Department Mangers;Re: Workplace value principles;As we continue to set the tone for interpersonal relations between ourselves and our valued;employees, it is very important to me, in my professional courtesies and daily practice, to be;authentic and consistent in my core value system. While we all hold our own individual, personal;and professional values in our daily journey, it is imperative that we have a mutual definition of;what we may expect from each other to align core value strategies regarding work. The;following is a list that is a daily guideline that I reflect on in my behavior, that I would like to;share with you so we may be on the same page to the relativity or interpersonal core values in;the workplace.;1.) Accountability. We have educated, committed and dedicated ourselves to our positions to;serve our investors and employers to be accountable for the decisions we make for everyones;best interest. We must be held accountable for the benefit of the personal and professional;decisions we make for the financial benefit ourselves, our families and our constituents.;2.) Commitment. We all come from a different history that through the promotional process has;brought us to this common workplace. It is imperative that we commit to learn from our past;which allows us to be consistent now for the progression of our future, by committing to the;rational that has been entrusted in us for positive performance.;3.) Gratitude. As the economic events of the last couple years have brought the business sector to;a recessionary existence, I hold dearly to the gratitude that I have the capacity and capability to;provide for my family and our somewhat secure future. I am grateful that I have been given the;opportunity to share my day with you, to provide the respectable customer care that we may;show our valued guests and work in such a professional and engaging setting.;4.) Respect. Nothing is more beneficial in the personal interaction with people on a daily;presence than the respectful interaction that for a moment in time we have been a part of each;others world. Having traveled for many years in and international business agenda, the common;denominator of all people is the respectability that we should always share between us;regardless of race, color, creed or culture.;5.) Trust. If anything is the foundation and definition of relativity of human behavior, trust is the;foundation in the integrity of our dedication to each other to perform our career objections. A;trusting workplace predicates a mutual amicability that there are no problems that cannot be;resolved, trusting in our management team to provide a solution.;6.) Our WORD. This is the essence of our being and our shared responsible respectability to all;of our associates, friends, family members that validate the ultimate core value. They may take;your home, you may lose your job, you may lose your supposed partner in life, you may lose;any material thing or personal object may be lost. We own only one thingour word. It can;never be taken, and we should be very careful how we give it.;I respectfully invite you to meet with me in regards to any of these shared values that are the;foundation of our continued success personally and professionally.;Respectfully;Garet Edgar Stewart;General Manager


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