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Business Law Edward purchased a stainless steel side




Business Law;Edward purchased a stainless steel side by side KitchenAid refrigerator from Appliance Connection on credit for $2,400. The agreement required payment of 12 equal installments of $200 to avoid interest payments. After he had paid $1600, Edward missed the next monthly installment payment. Appliance Connection repossessed the refrigerator and bill Edward for the balance of the purchase price, $800. Edward claimed that the refrigerator was worth much more than the balance due and demanded tht appliance Connection sell it to wipe out the balance of the debt and to leave something for him. Appliance Connection argued that Edward had breached his contract and as such had no say in what should be done with the refrigerator. Discuss the legal responsibility of each party. Please be sure to ssupport your response with citations. Please provide analysis of the issues


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