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One factor that can be used in determining the usefulness of




One factor that can be used in determining the usefulness of information to mangers might be job performance improvement, in terms of the manager's ability to manage in a broader scope. An example would be manager who was able to oversee an entire plant, rather than just a division in the plant, due to operational monitoring technology which supplied information which allowed the manager to oversee the work of more employees simultaneously.;Successful decision making would be another measure of the usefulness of information to a manger. An example would be a manger who constructs the work schedule. If the information provided a one year frame with national holidays, overlaid on a historical database showing the days the plant was closed due to hurricanes over that last 20 years of operation in Florida, then a pattern of closing days would emerge. It is only with access to vast, time structured data, that a manager can begin to see trends which allow for projections based on historical patterns.;Timely decision making is enhanced through the use of information to the manager. If a manger has to research in multiple departments in order to glean the information required for the decision, an integrated information system would save the manager time. An example would be the urgent need for a manager to decide which supplier to use in an urgent delivery situation. In such a case the manager might need records from the receiving department to see the pattern of late, on time and early deliveries for competing suppliers, and the manager may also need records from the quality control department on the plant floor to establish which supplier provided the highest quality input, most consistently. All this information would be searchable by the criteria mentioned, if the manager used an information system, and the answer would be deliverable in moments, thereby allowing for instantaneous decision making. This last example incorporates the last measure of the usefulness of information to a manager, which is the ability of the information to not only be provided in a timely fashion, but also bringing together independent or soloed data pools.


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