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After being drafted by the Indianapolis Dolts (a professional football




After being drafted by the Indianapolis Dolts (a professional football team), All-Big One Conference offensive tackle, Les Holdem, contracted with sports agent Harry Shifty to represent him in contract negotiations with the Dolts. Vic Amoral, a sports agent who was in competition with Shifty, later pursuaded Holdem to discharge Shifty as his agent and to retain Amoral instead. Amoral then negotiated, on Holdems's behalf, a lucrative contract with the Dolts. For doing so, Amoral was paid handsomely by Holdem under the terms of the Holdem-Amoral agency agreement, though not quite as much as Shifty would have received under the repudiated Holdem-Shifty agency agreement if Shifty had negotiated a similiar deal for Holdem with the Dolts. Shifty has sued Amoral for interference with contractual relations. Which of the following, if true, would be Amoral's best argument for avoiding liability?;1) That he was aiding Holdem by offering a better deal than that agreed to by Shifty and Holdem.;2) That in approaching Holdem, he was merely attempting to advance his competitive position in the sports agent market.;3) That the agency agreement between Holdem and Shifty was terminable at the will of either party.;4) That all Shifty lost was the prospect of profiting from negotiating a contract on Holdem's behalf with the Dolts.;Select the correct answer from the choices above.;Business Law


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