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Advertising is a part of our daily lives.




Advertising is a part of our daily lives. Every human being in America is exposed to approximately 1000 messages every day, most of which are ignored. Sometimes, however, advertisements succeed in informing, persuading and ever entertaining us. Other times, advertising is boring or even offensive, but it cannot be totally avoided.;If you need some ideas to do this, go to This website, based in the United Kingdom, will not only list slogans, but you will also have a chance to view actual print ads and television commercials for some great old campaigns. Enjoy!;Question, what are the ingredients that contribute to a great advertising campaign?;As a first step, identify ads that resonate with you on an emotional level. Consider why that;might be. Then consider what the objective of the advertiser was. What do you think they were;trying to achieve? Who was the target audience for the product?;In your discussion post, consider elements such as humor and relevance, as well as the media;in which the ad(s) run. Use specific examples to back up your opinion. 200 words


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