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Producing quality;a product promise is the implied commitment made to




Producing quality, a product promise is the implied commitment made to customers by a company. It embodies everything that the company, brand, marketing, features and benefits and product description convey. Put simply, a product promise is kept if the customer has an experience that is at least as good as what they expected based on what the company told them.;Products that keep their promises tend to build loyal fan bases and succeed. Products that don't, often fail (though if they solve a burning need for the customer and are the only available solution they sometimes succeed anyway).;What are some examples of product promises where companies met customer expectations and it paid off for them? The original Palm Pilot made a product promise that synchronization would work seamlessly. For me it worked so well I couldn't believe it (at the time). Macintosh (at least the early days) had the product promise that it was the easiest to use personal computer available. had the promise that they offered the world's largest selection of books and that purchasing and customer service is hassle-free. Google's product promise is that you will find what you are looking for on the Internet rapidly with a minimum of effort.;Product promises have gotten a bad rap, primarily because of what happened during the boom. Companies shipped crummy products, made claims that were nowhere near true, burned their customers, and then wondered why they had no repeat or referral business. In fact, one of the biggest challenges the tech industry faces today is that it has trained even the most tech-savvy people to be late adopters. Why beta test software or hardware for a company when you can wait until it is solid and many other people are using it reliably. Of course, this mentality leads to no one using anything because everyone is waiting for the other guy to endure the pain.;Describe a product promise or perceived product promise that has affected you in your workplace or at home, how did it affect you and do you think there is anything you could have done differently to change the outcome?


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