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which of the following is correct?




1. which of the following is correct? There are 3 commonly methods of evaluating marketing programs are metrics, dashboards and which one?;a. marginal analysis;b. marketing audits;c. marketing roi;d. marginal analysis;e. marketing control boards;Question 2, marketing plans must enable results to be compared with planning targets which allows the flexibility to update original plans. which is correct?;a. replanning;b. contingency planning;c. down sizing;d. dynamic planning;e. proactive change;question 3, which marketing strategy involves retaining focus on a single product line but marketing it to new markets? which is correct?;a. full coverage;b. market specialization;c. product specialization;d. selective specialization;e. market product concentration;Question 4, based on relative competitive scope (broad target to narrow target) and source of competitive advantage (lower cost differentiation) proters four grneric business strategies are cost leadership, cost focus, differentiation focus, and which of the following is correct?;a. service leadership;b. diversification;c. reactive;d. differentitation;e. quality focus


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