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Assume that you have learned stories from each side of the




? Assume that you have learned stories from each side of the conflict, and prepare a paper of 1?2 pages explaining your plan to resolve the conflict and get everyone back to work.;300 words;Attachment Preview;Leadership Systems Week 4 Group Project Question upload.docx;Leadership Systems Week 4 Group Project Question upload;Elizabeth was a recent college graduate and was quite pleased to be asked to be a part of the;development team of new reservation software for her company. Because the development;project was long-term, but her workload from day to day might change, Elizabeth was placed in;a satellite reservations office that was short staffed, with only four employees doing the work of;six. Nervous about being new in the face of several long-term reservations professionals;Elizabeth arrives early for her first day in the new office and sets up her desk.;After a few weeks, Elizabeth no longer enjoys her job and wishes she had never taken it. Her;coworkers, all much older than she, will not speak to her. She must be careful to lock her;computer with her password when she leaves her desk, or someone will send an inappropriate email from her account. She cannot bring her lunch because she has been locked out of the office;refrigerator. Her time in the restroom is tracked, and she often returns to find that her chair, a;photo from her desk, or files have been taken and hidden. One day, asked to help with making;calls to confirm hundreds of VIP reservations, Elizabeth erupts in anger and storms out of the;office. She goes to the main reservations office to find her boss and tell her about the conflict.;This scenario is based upon an actual conflict that occurred in the reservations department of a;large hospitality company. Elizabeth did not know that her new coworkers had all interviewed;for the position that she had taken, and many of them had been with the company in their role for;more than 20 years. They were told that a 4-year college degree was a requirement for the job;something none of them had. Though none of the employees knew Elizabeth personally or even;knew of her experience and qualifications, they were angry and frustrated. They expressed this in;their actions to belittle, humiliate, and harass Elizabeth. These actions created frustration for;Elizabeth, who had trouble concentrating on her work. Her outburst in the office was the;manifestation of her frustration. The conflict between Elizabeth and the rest of the office is now;dire and impacted the office's work, as well as guest service and the software project.


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