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Public companies occasionally need to issue news releases announcing




Public companies occasionally need to issue news releases announcing or explaining, downturns in sales, profits, demand, or other business factors. Search the web to locate a company that has issued a press release that recently reported lower earnings or other bad news and access the news release on that firm's website. Alternately, find the type of press release you're seeking by reviewing press releases at;This site is good. I went there 1/14/2010.;Essay - 3 Points;Cite the source of the news release. Give the complete title of the news release you chose. What is the news release about?;Essay - 3 Points;How does the headline relate to the main message of the release?;Essay - 3 Points;Is the release organized according to the direct or indirect approach?;Essay - 3 Points;What does the company do to present the bad news in a favorable light--and does this effort seem sincere and ethical to you?;Chapter 9: Exercise 9.5 Ethical Choices Due: 3/31/2010;The insurance company where you work is planning to raise all premiums for health-care coverage. Your boss has asked you to read a draft of her letter to customers announcing the new, higher rates.;The first two paragraphs discuss some exciting medical advances and the expanded coverage offered by your company.;Only in the final paragraph do customers learn that they will have to pay more for coverage starting next year.;Essay - 6 Points;What are the ethical implications of the draft?;Essay - 6 Points;What changes would you suggest?


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