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Based on the relative competitive scope




Question 1. Based on the relative competitive scope (broad target to narrow target) and source of competitive advantage (lower cost differentiation) porter?s four generic business strategies are cost leadership, cost focus, differentiation focus, and which of the following?;a. service leadership;b. diversification;c. Reactive;d. Differentiation;e. Quality focus;Question 2. Market segmentation involves aggregating prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and will;a. pay attention to marketing messages;b. respond similarly to a marketing action;c. be responsive to marketing research;d. use the same payback method;e. go shopping on a regular basis;Question 3. A company engaged in environmental scanning is;a. taking into account the effects its marketing activities can have on plants and animals in our environment;b. continually acquiring information on the events occurring outside the organization to identify and interpret potential trends;c. maintaining a time constant horizon in its strategic planning process;d. maintaining retail customer database;e. requiring all employees to spend time outside the office to avoid the ivory tower syndrome


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