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What are the major barriers to communication you see in your organization




Discuss: What are the major barriers to communication you see in your organization, what are the effects, and how might they be changed? What does your organization do to motivate the people in your organization? Go beyond the obvious of pay and benefits. Is this effort successful or are there other things that you believe the company should be doing? How might systems thinking influence how an organization relates to its employees? Be specific, refer to and cite the theory from book (Essentials of Organizational Behavior - Stephen P.Robbins and Timothy A.Judge) and other scholarly literature, and need to use examples from your company or organization. Write a three page double spaced paper. In this paper should be grounded in theory and include observations and opinions;I ordered this work before but now I want to put more things to this paper.;The major barriers to communication: I want to discuss about;Filtering;Selective Perception;Information Overload;Emotion;Language;Communication Apprehension;Culture;Here is theory and idea from the book;;;;And I also send your paper that you send to me before to combine. Total 4 pages. Please cite every theory and idea on book or Internet that you put in this paper. And make some example for each case.


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