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International Management.




International Management.;Read this article Examine the BP oil spill in the Gulf Mexico and answer the following questions. In order to receive full credit for each question, you must-- 1. Apply the terminology and concept that has been learned in this class for each part of the question 2. Use your critical thinking skills to give in your own words an in-depth analysis of BP?s management problem and identify the solution 3. Write two paragraphs or roughly 250-300 words per question 4. Cite any references that are used in your paper on a separate citation page 5. Save as a WORD document and submit via the final exam assignment icon Questions: 1. Describe BP's response to the oil spill crisis and, if you were a BP executive, what would you do differently? 2. Do you believe BP has followed ethical business practices to manage the oil spill? Why or why not? 3. In your opinion, what social responsibility does BP have for the long term economic recovery and environmental cleanup for those people and regions affected by the oil spill?


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