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Enlightenment attitude toward science




Enlightenment attitude toward science;What was the Enlightenment attitude toward science and how did this influence psychology's history?;Compare and contrast Wundt and Galton.;Explain why Descartes is considered (a) a rationalist, and (b) a nativist.;What is the connection between Galton?s beliefs about intelligence and (a) eugenics, and (b) mental testing?;Describe the essential principles of phrenology and explain why it eventually failed as a science. Be sure to consider the research of Flourens in your answer.;Show how the two varieties of the clinical method for studying the brain are illustrated by (a) Phineas Gage and (b) Tan.;Wundt rather than Fechner, is considered to be the founder of modern experimental psychology. Why?;Darwin had his theory worked out in the early 1840?s. Why did he delay publication and why did he eventually publish in 1859?;Describe Weber?s Law and the concept of a jnd.;Distinguish between primary and secondary qualities of matter and compare the views of Locke and Berkeley?s with regard to these qualities.;Malone, John C-Psychology: Pythagoras to Present- Reference TXT BOOK;please have at least 7 sentences minimum per person


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