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The mifos Initiative is a technology program




Visit the Mifos Initiative website at The mifos Initiative is a technology program sponsored by the Grameen foundation to provide open source MIS software to microfinance institutions in developing countries.;Follow the links for the software demo. Click Produce on the right side of the screen. Click Demo the software from the listing on the left. The URL for this demo at the time of writing is as follows:;In case that you have difficulties with the demo in the Mifos website. I include a full transcription of the words spoken in the demo below;Write a 200 word description if the following (write in two paragraphs, so that that two sections can be clearly identified);1.) What the software offers. Please don't describe the company-just focus on what the software does.;2.) Identify the components of the software's data(what data the system handles.);Format your work consistent to APA guidelines (double spacing and if you use references-in text citations and a References list. There's no need for additional APA formatting such as a title page nor page headers: only double spacing and references if used.;Grading Rubric;Detailed evalutaion;Description of what the software offers-10;Components of the Mifos database-10;At least 200 words-3;Organization/spelling/grammar-7


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