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Applied Research Project Details and Topics




Applied Research Project Details and Topics;You have been asked by the executive committee of your company to give a report on the strategic;implications of information technology on your business over the next three years. Here are brief;steps that can help in forming how you will complete the project;-find a business need that can be satisfied with technology;-research available options;-assess solutions based on decision criteria;-recommend and justify your solution;This report will be written with the intention to submit it to the executive committee. The executive;committee has identified a number of potential research topics (not intended to be all inclusive) that;include;Information Superhighway;o Internet;o Internet2;o Strategic e-commerce;o Broadband;o Internet Legislation including taxation;o Internet security;IS Management;o Outsourcing;o ASP's;o Business Process Reengineering;o ERP;o CRM;o SCM;o Website Development;o Linux;Corporate Applications;o Information Security;o EIS;o Expert Systems;o Artificial Intelligence;o DSS;o Groupware;o Intranets/Extranets;Telecommunications and Networks;o Gigabit and higher networks;o SAN's;o Video Conferencing;o VoIP;o Wireless networking;IS Acquisitions;o Cost Justification Methodology;o Total Cost of Ownership;o Systems Development Life Cycle;o Prototyping;o Weighted Criteria Analysis;Miscellaneous;o Computer Ethics;o Virtual Reality;o Multimedia;o Telecommuting;o Data Security;o International Issues;o Computer Based Learning;Technology;o Wireless Broadband;o 64 Bit Microprocessor and associated chip sets;o Portable Computing trends;End User Software/Applications;o Database trends;o Operating System trends;o Office Suite trends;o Project Management trends;Pick a topic from one major area and subcategory. Then choose a specific company (either one you;work for or one you have researched) and prepare a written report using APA format. You may find;information about APA in the Syllabus. The HUB 2.0 Student Resources center contains a variety of;guides for APA which may be helpful as well.;The paper needs to include a recommendation on what strategic action to take relative to the topic;selected as well as the impact on the selected company over a three year time frame. The paper;should follow this general outline;I. Definition of the subject;II. Brief background of the company you have chosen;III. Discussion of Current Business Issues (the issues would be addressed by your chosen topic);IV. Discussion of Proposed Solution (how the chosen topic addresses the business issues;described);V. Recommendations for the Executive Committee (supported by strategic impact of topic over a;three year time frame);VI. Attachments;i. Reference List;ii. Exhibits of any material that can be used to support assertions made or facts presented in the;paper.;The paper should be between 8-10 double-spaced pages (excluding title page, abstract, bibliography;and attachments). 8 to 10 pages of content correlates to 2,000 to 2,500 words.;Reference direct quotations and paraphrased material from your research appropriately via;APA style.;Don't forget to cite your sources properly, both parenthetically and in your bibliography/works cited. If you need;assistance with proper citation, the following web site may be beneficial;


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