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You work for a large multinational corporation.




1. You work for a large multinational corporation. It is made up of multiple divisions manufacturing different types of products, but they all use SAP for their ERP. What would be the best approach to organizing and funding their IT organization? Describe at least one alternative approach. Provide justification for why your proposed approach is the best one.;2. Your organization is about the replace their customer service application. The existing application is one that was developed internally and uses a text based interface. It has been in use by customer service representatives and their managers for the last seven years. The new system has a graphical user interface and is being purchased as part of an overall software package. What are the steps that should be taken to assure effective change management associated with this implementation? Why are these steps important, what are the potential issues associated with such a change and how would your approach deal with them?;3. What issues must be considered when deciding to modify software when purchasing a software package as opposed to modifying your organization's processes to match those of the software? Identify the pros and cons of modifying purchased software. Identify some of the circumstances where a company should modify purchased software.;4.In his article "IT doesn't matter," Nick Carr suggests that as information technology becomes commoditized companies cannot expect to be able to realize a competitive advantage from their investments in information systems. His recommendation as a result would be that companies should focus on minimizing their IS investments. Analyze this perspective and discuss whether this is the appropriate response for organizations regarding their IS investments. Make sure to justify your answer?


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