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It is important to conduct business research in order to objectively




It is important to conduct business research in order to objectively make decisions. Assume you are a supervisor for a manufacturing company, which is experiencing lower sales this year compared to the same period last year.;What research would you conduct to determine why sales are lower?;What data would you collect and analyze?;Which employees would you contact?;Which outside consultants, if any, would you contact?;Justify your answers using examples and reasoning.;Cindy?s boss has been assigned the task of measuring employee morale in the company where they work. Cindy?s boss is too busy to create this report, therefore, Cindy?s boss has directed Cindy to complete it.;Cindy developed a survey, had employees complete the survey, reviewed the findings, and presented her final findings in a report. Cindy showed the report to her immediate boss. Her immediate boss wasn?t pleased with the report since it illustrated negative morale. Cindy?s immediate boss directed Cindy to remove the negative aspects of the report and put a positive spin on employee morale in the company.;Should Cindy revise the report or submit the completed report directly to her boss?s boss?;What are the ethical considerations in not submitting what the actual results show?;In general, is doing what the boss wants done more important than what the actual facts say?;Does Cindy have an obligation to the rest of the employees to not alter the actual results?;Justify your answers using examples and reasoning.


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