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Self-Awareness and Career Success (graded);(Please note that these are general questions that I am expecting you to answer AFTER you have read the text and reviewed the week one lecture and materials. It is perfectly acceptable to reference the text or the course shell--with the proper citations, of course. I will review what I expect in the threaded discussions in class so you may wish to wait until after class to begin posting on this question for week one.);Why is understanding yourself important in your career development? How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you have to offer?;week 2;Job-Hunting Techniques (graded);The prospect of searching for a job can be very intimidating. What techniques have you used in the past when you were job hunting? Which ones were most effective? Least effective? What do you attribute their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) to?


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