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What do you think utilitarian theory tells us about the morality




1. What do you think utilitarian theory tells us about the morality of such questions as abortion, capital punishment, or euthenasia? Is utilitarian theory helpful in deciding these questions? Or would Kant's rule--the Categorical Imperative--be more helpful in this regard? Does Rawl's theory of justice provide a solution?;Secondarily, what responsibility do governments play in making general policies about such ethical issues as well as the issues of war and the use of torture during times of war?;2. Corporate responsibility is an issue that involves many companies and industries and implies ethical choices. Consider one of the following examples and evaluate to what extent the company is responsible to society at large;McDonalds (or any food chain) providing healthier meals to its customers (e.g., cooking its french fries in a healthier frying oil);Nike (or any clothing manufacturer) considering its responsibility for running sweatshops in foreign countries in order to produce its apparel;BP/Amoco for running environmentally-friendly refining plants (as was the controversial case in Whiting, IN, where BP was found to be running off contaminated water into Lake Michigan).;Dear tutor, for this assignment I need you to please answer this two questions. They need to be at least 3-4 sentences long. Also, I would need any Url or Link if you use any to answer the questions.


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