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CSO Consultation (due this week);Week 6 CSO Consultation Questionnaire;Please schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor to complete your Career Services Consultation before Week 6. Scheduling this appointment early in the session will be helpful as you?ll need to upload your approved resume into HireDeVry as part of your assignment. During this appointment, you will learn about your partnership with Career Services and all of the resources available to you. There is a CSO Consultation Checklist in Doc Sharing that includes some of the topics you will discuss based on your current relationship with your Career Advisor. Once you have completed your meeting, uploaded your CSO-approved resum?, and completed all of your registration paperwork, your Career Advisor will give you a confirmation code and you may complete the Week 6 Questionnaire. Remember, it?s important that you schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor to complete your consultation before Week 6!;The questionnaire consists of two questions;1. The confirmation number that was given to me by my CSO Advisor is (you will type your number in the box provided).;2. I have spoken with Career Services about my career preparation and job search plans. (You will indicate either ?true? or ?false? using the checkboxes provided.);You are expected to contact your Career Services Office (CSO) advisor to learn, in detail, how the CSO can assist you with your particular job search needs. The consultation will lay the foundation for a positive working relationship that will assist you in getting an education-related job after graduation.;If you are taking this course on campus please go to the Career Services office at your location or click on the following link:;If you are taking this course online, click on the following link:;For more information on required and optional topics that will be covered during the CSO Consultation, please refer to the Week 6 CSO Consultation Checklist and the Week 6 CSO Consultation Info Sheet which are both available in Doc Sharing. Once you have completed the CSO Consultation, your Career Services advisor will give you a confirmation number. Make note of this number so that you can enter it into the CSO Consultation Questionnaire.;Go to the CSO Consultation Questionnaire under Week 6 to enter your confirmation number.;See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date information.;Please note: Although the deadline to submit the assignment is Sunday at 11:59 PM MT, Career Services offices may not be open on the weekend. You are encouraged to complete the assignment as early in the week as possible.


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