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Introduce the key company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)




Paper (4-6 pages not including cover sheet and references);1.Introduce the key company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues of concern relative to the industry CSR issues discovered in the power point presentation.;2.Introduce any particular stakeholder concerns of your chosen company that might not be general industry concerns.;Attachment Preview;Frederick K Unit 3 Project-Mid Term Slides.ppt;Sector Analysis;Airlines Industry;Kiel Frederick;Week 3 Project;Prof. Griffith;August 9th, 2011;1;Introduction;Airlines industry not just caters to the travel needs but a lot more;2;History Post Independence;3;Categories of Air Transport Service;Scheduled Air;Transport Service;Air;Air Cargo Services;Non-Scheduled (air;taxi) services;4;Regulators;World;ICAO;IATA;FAA (US);5;PEST Analysis;6;SWOT Analysis;7;Porters 5 Forces;Entrants;LOW;Bargaining Power of;Suppliers;HIGH;If borrowing are;cheap, many players;will get in.;Aircraft / Fuel /;Employees / Airport;Bargaining Power;of Buyers;MEDIUM;Short distance travel;Vs Long distance;travel;Competitive;Rivalry;HIGH;All players provide;near similar services;Price War;Availability of;Substitutes;MEDIUM (for domestic;sector);Rail / Road;8;Market Structure;Oligopoly type;structure;9;Economic Considerations;Ticket Revenue;Computerized Yield Management System;Operating Costs;Airport Handling costs;O&M Costs;Fuel;Asset and Financing;Purchased or Leased Aircrafts;Partnerships;Code Sharing;10;Rapid Growth from 2004-05 to 2007-08;11;Slowdown in 2008-09;12;Comparative Analysis;1997-98 to;2000-01;2001-02 to;2002 -03;2003-04 to;2005-06;2006 -07 to;2007-08;Operating;Margins;0-4%;-3 %;-2 to -4%;-15%;Competition;Less intense;Less intense;Intense;Intense;# players;3;3;9;9;PLF;65-68%;55-56%;65-68%;68%;RPKM;22-26 bn kms;25-29 bn kms;32-51 bn kms;ASKM;32-38 bn kms;40-44 bn kms;50 75 bn kms 94115 bn kms;13;Recovery in 2009-10;14;Demand Supply Forecast;pax-km: Passenger kilometers used to define Demand;ASKM: Available seat kilometers used to define Supply;15;Macro Fundamentals that will drive Aviation;Growth;Market Size;Demographics;World has a population of 6 billion with an estimated middle and;upper class of 300 million.;50% of the population is <25 years old. Therefore, the size of the;economically active segment will continue to grow for a number;of decades (unlike the developed countries and even China).;Economic;Growth;Average;Average GDP growth of 2% p.a. sustained since 1991 and;accelerating thereon. The current GDP growth is 3% and GDP is;expected to grow at 4% in FY 2011;Trade;Investment;Increasingly open economy, with strong growth in international;trade, healthy foreign exchange reserves and increasing foreign;direct investment.;16;Factors affecting profitability of airlines;industry;Problems faced by the industry;18;Benefits of LCC over FCC;19;Taking care of the environment FAA;20;Taking care of the environment ICAO;Clean the aircraft before take off;Do not carry ice cubes and extra meals on the flight in;order reduce the carrying weight;21;Potential Market;22;New government initiatives to develop;Countrys potential as the worlds fastest;growing aviation market;Changing regulation policies;Increased privatization of airports;Increased;Growing Infrastructure developments;23;Expectations of the industry from the;Government;The industrys wish list includes;Lowering;Lowering taxes on aviation turbine fuel (ATF) which is 35% of the operating cost of;airlines. As per international standards, it is 10-15% of the operating cost.;Reduction in landing charges In India low cost carriers (LCC) pay the same as full;service airlines. As per international standards, it is lower for LCCs.;Extending exemption of withdrawal tax on lease rentals of aircraft;Removing Airport Development Charges levied from the customers.;24;PROFIT MAKING AIRLINES;Singapore Airlines;Southwest Airlines;Cathy Pacific;25;DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT FOR;PROFITABILITY;Better Aircraft use.;Dynamic ticket pricing;Passengers attractive schemes.;Selection of decongested airports.;Point to point service.;26;American Airlines;Mission Statement;Setting the industry standard for safety and security;providing world-class customer service, creating an open;and participative work environment which seeks positive;changes, rewards innovation...;27;AMERICAN AIRLINES;Largest airline in US with premium;service.;Hub and spoke route structure;Started with air mail service;Started with name American airways;In 1934 it became American Airlines;28;American Airlines Facts & Figure;Total 900 aircrafts;281 aircrafts with American Eagle a;subsidiary company.;87000 employees;Member of One world Alliance covering 750;destinations with 150 countries.;Participated in CSR and reducing;greenhouse gas emission.;29;Challenges of American airlines;Excess Capacity;Contract with labor unions;Upgrading aircraft;Route strategies.;Travel agent relations;30;Tough Time;Gulf War;Fuel price increment;Decline in the world economy;Many regulations;WTC attack;31;Recommendations;32


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