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Which two styles describe you best? Are you more of a:




FIRST: Go back and take a look at the article from the background readings;;You don't have to read the whole article!! Please read from the heading The Organizational Engineering (OE) Paradigm and STOP when you get to The TRIZ / OE "Bi-System.;SECOND: Take your best guess as to your top two "Strategic Processing Styles." Which seems to be your "primary" or #1 style, and which is your #2 style? You know yourself best, so this should be a highly educated guess!. Read the descriptions of the four styles, and think about it. Which two styles describe you best? Are you more of a;RS = Reactive Stimulator;LP = Logical Processor;HA = Hypothetical Analyzer, or;RI = Relational Innovator?;THIRD: Take a look at Figure 3, and see how your top two styles combine to give you a "Strategic Pattern." See whether the combination of your top two styles makes you a;Conservator;Perfector;Changer, or;Performer;FOURTH: Please write a 2-3 page essay in which you answer this question;How do you think your top two "Strategic Processing Styles" and your "Strategic Pattern" affect your communications and decision-making at work?;Format;Please remember that a paper has an Introduction (road map of main points), Main Body (subsections where each main point is developed and argued), Conclusions (summary of main points of the paper), List References. Please use headings and titles.


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