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Describe the safety and security issues associated with the




Describe the safety and security issues associated with the international assignment, need between 150 and 200 words and use the apa format guidlines, and I have one other that is attached, let me know if you can help the attachment by Saturday am and the other one due by Sunday am.;Attachment Preview;hrm350_r2_real_world_decisions.doc;Real-World Decisions;HRM/350 Version 2;University of Phoenix Material;Real-World Decisions;Read the following scenarios, which represent real-world decisions, and respond to each in 150;to 200 words.;Scenario One;You are the director of production at a multinational company. Your position is in Tokyo;Japan. Recently, this division experienced production quota problems. You determine that;you must identify a team leader who will lead the work team to tackle the problem. You;identify several possible team leaders, including Joan, a manager who is an expatriate US;citizen and has recently arrived in your companys Japanese office. You are also aware of;Bob, a European national who has worked at the facility for about a year. His experience;includes reengineering production processes at one of the companys production facilities in;Europe. The final candidate is Noriko, a Japanese national who has been at the facility for;several years.;Questions;The team you assemble is composed of American expatriates and Japanese nationals.;Compare the three candidates for the position. Based on cultural norms and traditions, what;cultural factors and management styles may benefit or present obstacles for others on the;team? Explain.;Response;1;Real-World Decisions;HRM/350 Version 2;Scenario Two;You have been assigned to an overseas position with your company. The local government;of the host country offers gifts periodically to senior management as a way of thanking them;for opening a facility and employing locals. These gifts include cash or merchandise into the;thousands of dollars. Typically, to refuse a gift is considered an insult. Your countrys policy;is to prohibit employees from accepting anything from clients and customers of more than;$50. Your employer values its relationship with the host country and government officials;and it intends to continue operating in the venue.;Questions;How would you address a situation where you are presented with a gift of more than $50?;Explain your rationale. How could your actions affect your company? How could your;decision affect your working relationship with your companys and the host countrys;officials?;Response;2;Real-World Decisions;HRM/350 Version 2;3;Scenario Three;Christine, the leading expert in information technology (IT) organizational design, works for a;large consulting firm and has been asked to work on a temporary assignment in Saudi;Arabia. One of her firms biggest revenue-generating customers is embarking on an initiative;to redesign the IT structure to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and to align the business;units output with the organizations strategic objectives. The customer has read research;reports and articles Christine has published, and the chief executive officer has asked;Christine to handle this project. She is excited about the professional challenge of the;assignment, but she is unsure of adopting customs and practices in a Muslim country.;Questions;Discuss the ethical considerations for Christine and her company. What implications must;Christine consider when making her decision? Why? How might Christines role as a female;expatriate affect her employers response if she passes on the assignment?;Response


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