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Complete an analysis by particular stakeholder groups of how adequate




Complete an analysis by particular stakeholder groups of how adequate the company CSR report is for their needs.;Make suggestions for additional issues to require in future such reports. The GRI sector report if available might help you here--also other company CSR reports in the same industry and news articles relating to the company.;Paper should be 3-5 pages in length excluding the cover and reference pages.;Attachment Preview;week 4 online project answer.doc;August 11;Airlines;Industry;Summary;2011;Corporate;Social;Responsibility;and;Stakeholders;Issues;Corporate Social Responsibility- Airlines Industry;The very objective of such CSR activities undertaken by Airline industry is to make available;some feasible solutions which are measureable and are effective in mitigating emissions;generated from such activities. The environment problem and mitigating CSR activities are not;just related to air emission but to host of host issues as well like noise pollution created by;movement of aircrafts in the vicinity of its movement. If one has to talk about the various;initiative that has been taken by Airline companies as a part of this CSR activities it includes;-;Development of techniques and mechanics which enable reduction in fuel consumption;and enabling necessary process in place to ensure smooth and fast adoption of such;initiatives.;-;To have Mechanisms, tools and technology installation in areas nearby airports so as to;enable measurements of air quality around such domestic and international airports as;this will enable development of emission inventory from aviation sector.;-;Carbon footprints is something with is hot aspects when it comes to global warming and;airline industry being one of the major contributor to it are trying to mitigate the losses;caused by providing necessary guidance to stakeholders who intend to adopt voluntary;measure so as to enable reduction of carbon footprint.;-;Another major problem from aviation sector along with automobile sector is that of;carbon dioxide emission. There is s serious need to cap it and restrict it and none is;ignorant of it. This has motivated airline companies to support development of baseline;data for such emissions with year 2005 as the base year. This will enable comparison of;results in the coming time once the above mentioned emission mitigation techniques and;process are in place.;-;Noise pollution is also something which is highly injurious to human and animal health;and at the same time is very much instantly detectable by each one and hence is very;irritating as well. As we have seen how aircrafts generate huge decibels of noise around;domestic and international airports, they have also now realized the danger caused by;them and have taken initiative to restrict it (Morrow, 2001).;This has led to creation of noise contours around airports so as to have defined zones and;the prescribed noise limits in them and ensure strict implementation and following of;same. Apart from this noise mitigating techniques are being developed and sponsored by;them so as to enable noise reduction due to aircraft movements. There is additional;initiative to have threshold noise level at airport vicinity with integration of MOEF/CPCB;as in these regions noise limits would be higher than normal circumstances;-;Additionally in the carbon emission aspect it is encouraging to note that Airlines have;vowed to reduce such emissions to almost 50% of present levels by 2050. Though this;initiative and pledge have it own share of bad consequences for passengers but it is;inevitable in such dangerous circumstances. This is so because adherence to this initiative;will lead to increased fares and start off a new fight among the operator i.e. green;technology race. The seriousness of this initiative is reflected in the sense that this has;been jointly agreed and presented by airlines, airports and aircrafts companies authorities.;If this is achieved then the emission levels in 2050 would be below that of 2005 levels;irrespective of the growth of industry and revenues etc (Milmo, 2009).;Another interesting thing and may be some controversial related to this aspect is the fact;that it is claimed that such announcement has been made and may be small initiative as;been taken by industry members be causing of increasing demand of external concerned;group to have higher taxes on industry because of damage they causing to environment at;present. This is so because at present airline constitutes 1.6% of total greenhouse;emission and are positioned to become largest contributor if this goes unchecked.;Stakeholders concerns- American Airlines;We in the presentation witnessed the various aspect related to this glorious company. The;aspects such as highest no of operating aircrafts, largest destination served route, one of the;pioneers still the first mover in industry, serving across various business segment right form;cargo to business to chartered service. As is the glorious history and achievement so is the list of;issues that company has been facing over a period of time both in terms of internal process and;business aspects as well as the various global and environmental issues.;We in this remaining report will look one of the major issues facing this company on;business perspective level. We have chosen this aspect to be studied further because the solution;suggested as its solution looks awkward in present circumstances but can it really be the future is;the question.;The issue that we are discussing is that of the problem of Agents problem that American;Airlines have been facing for a long time and is thinking for solutions to it. The problem being;that the very discount and reduced rates as per the logical and algorithm of travel agents;especially the one of like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity is not suitable for this airline because;the scale of economies that it operates and the kind of routes that is serves unlike most of the;other airlines who pursue the reduced and discounted rates as their marketing tool.;In the present time it is the deal airfare sites offer packaged tours and hotels are the one;being preferred and growing with time, dominating the airline ticket booking scenario (Lew;2010). To tackle this problem American Airline against the trend has announced that it is serious;thinking of moving away from listing itself in sites likes these and has even sent official;threatening notice to sites like Orbitz asking them to change their booking engine practices else;face the consequence of it moving away from its listings.;In a clear message to them made public by it, it has stated that Orbitz needs to lower its;share of cuts on the ticket sales, streamline the ticketing process with more efficiency and share;the information regarding booking and tickets to airlines as well. Though this clarifies the issue;that this airline has been facing but the question remaining as to, is this best way to deal with the;situation. The threat being the solution is against the present growing trend.;It is interesting to note the fact that many of budget carriers have fared a better when it;has allowed booking on its site enabling them to have better share of profits of such transaction;and in light of same aspect, American Airline can be optimistic about this possibility. The threat;is when looked from travelers perspective. This is so because with such an arrangement in place;it would become increasingly more difficult for them to have a look at comparative prices and;will ask for more time for them. The other threat being that even if this airline is able to negotiate;a deal with such agents, will it not empower other players to look for such deals and hence the;advantage for American Airline will be lost.;Bibliography;Lew, J. (2010, 11 11). American Airline Chalenges orbitz. Retrieved 08 12, 2011, from;;Milmo, D. (2009). Airline Vow to halve Carbon Emissions by 2050. Guardian.;Morrow, L. (2001). Airline Pollution: The Ksy has its Limits. TIME.


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