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Human Resource policies and practices




Human Resource policies and practices;Discuss the following areas in your business plan;1.Staff recruitment strategy;2.Staff selection strategy;3.Staff retention strategy;and our business is "the cookie jar." i'll send u the idea of our business.. thanks a million;Attachment Preview;THE BUSINESS PLAN.docx;THE BUSINESS PLAN;By;MERCENARY;BUSINESS MANAGEMENT;FAB 0015;Millions thank you to our lecturer, Miss;Ainol, who have taught us well in this;course and patiently assist us in doing this;task.;MERCENARY;NAME;Mohamed Abdu Salih;S. Kugarubaan;Nur Aqilah Bt. Muhd Nur Azam;Lee Jiazhen;MATRIC ID | SIGNATURE;16574;16154;16172;16016;Ummi Salaama Bt. Mohd Nawi;16288;Kunashalini a/p Pongkunran;16453;;The Residential Villages;UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS;31700 Tronoh;Perak Darul Ridzuan.;+605 368 8000;There is always a niche market for a great freshly bake cookies.;There is also a deep need in everyone for a cookie that not only fantastically delicious but also looks;too good to eat.;Not everyone can bake well. And certainly not every can make decoratively artistic cookie like we;does.;We fulfilled peoples need.;We bakes our cookies upon orders for any occasions. We bake accordingly to;our valued customers specifications and preferences.;WE BAKE WHAT YOU WANT.;100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.;Our Mission Statement;If you dare to dream;we will create it.;The words of our mission statement reflect our commitment to excellence in the craft and artistry of;baking. We deliver high quality elegant artistically decorated gourmet cookies that look superb;delight the taste buds and serve as a decorative theme and centre piece of special occasions. But most;importantly, we present perfection and quality at low price.;Our products will exceed local stores and franchise competitors by possessing a flavourful flare, and;artistry that most do not have. Our aim is to revive and preserve the elegance and sensation of age old;baking and decorating with culinary techniques to achieve the height of quality and excellence in the;pastry industry. Our products range from high end artistry to modern and local customs.;Our focus is on high quality production with bottom-line growth through cost reduction and optimal;performance. We also focus on technology and innovation to perform proper technique and equipment;operation.;Funding sources will include government grants for small business. Minority organization grants. We;also open our share to investment partners.;Our marketing strategy will include Word of mouth advertising. High quality output has proved our;strongest selling point. We will distribute advertisement in the local papers and local magazines.;Occasional community donations and product gifts to active our corporate social responsibilities.;Our long term goal is to spread our products in the nation pastry industry market by open franchising;to the general public. We also want to expand our product range to provide various choices to our;customers.;In the short term we will accelerate our sale all over Ipoh, Perak until our products becomes well;known to the community.;The Cookie Jar holds complete customer satisfaction as its central aim. We ensure this by;providing the highest standards of products and services. This philosophy is to be underpinned by;establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with our suppliers and customers and;caring for our staff to work towards a common goal of mutual profitability, based upon trust and;respect.;The Cookie Jar;Background;The Cookie Jar was established in the early 2010 by Miss Aqilah Azam and Mr. S.;Kugarubaan. The business has grown successfully over the year and this is primarily due to;the quality of the products and to the excellent service offered to all the customers.;During the early year, The Cookie Jar produced custom-made traditional butter;cookies with various shapes and sizes for local customers in Universiti Teknologi Petronas.;Soon, we receive good responds from the local community. Numerous orders were received;and deliveries were being made to the local market in Tronoh, Sri Iskandar, Batu Gajah;Lumut and Pulau Pangkor. Early this year, due to popular demand, The Cookie Jar was made;official as we welcome four new owners to the family, they invested their skills to develop;The Cookie Jar into a real small business company. Now, we provide a wide choice of cookie;flavours with wide range of shapes, colours and sizes for our customers to choose from.;We made ourselves legal and official by registering The Cookie Jar to the;Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM) as a General Partnership Business. We choose General;Partnership form of business for our company because the six of us post as the owners;shareholders and also managers to operate this company. We gain more financial and skills;resources as being the partners together. We share the profit gain and we will also share in;assuming liability for the businesss debts. General Partnership secures us a longer survival of;the company. We are also excepted from paying special business taxes.;Funding;Sources;The Cookie Jars costs of production are mostly generated by the profit gained and;by us, the owners.;In order to expand our business, we are looking for future investors for the company.;We joyfully welcome venture capitalist, angel investors and future shareholders to invest in;The Cookie Jar. We assure profit return as we are rapidly increasing and developing many;more high quality products from our company. Our company are growing strong with our;great team of employees and leaders. We maintain our good brand well-known to our;customers satisfactory.;The Cookie Jars funding sources will also include government grants for small;business that we have applied for.


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