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Review the list of values




Review the list of values from the list below.;acceptance;accomplishment;adventure;ambition;assertiveness;beauty;bravery;compassion;competence;conformity;creativity;customer satisfaction;discipline;diversity;equality;fairness;flexibility;freedom;honor;humility;loyalty;obedience;order;power;promise keeping;respect;responsibility;risk taking;service;success;teamwork;tradition;trust;understanding;winning;Choose five values most important to you in making decisions. Write a response addressing the following questions: (200 - 300 words);1) What commonaltities do you see in the values you have chosen?;2) How do these values affect your ethical decision-making?;3) What will you do when one ore more of the values you have listed conflict?;4) Reflect on the values of your organization or an organization you are familiar with. Are there any major differences between your personal values and the organization's values?


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